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The New Rage is CC Creams: The new rage is CC Creams


BB Cream was the big “it” beauty item for 2012, providing light coverage, hydration, SPF protection, and skincare benefits. However the beauty industry has already moved on to the next letter of the alphabet. BB Creams? That’s so 2012. The new rage is CC Creams.

If BB creams don’t work for you,…

Why is CC cream the next beauty trend in 2013?


In the past several months, you’ve undoubtedly seen a massive buzz of CC Creams on the U.S. market by The New York Times, Huffington Post, Vogue, WWD, Cosmopolitan, Allure, Glamour, Michelle Phan…etc and the fact that the tremendous buzz around Rachel K CC cream has been generated not…

Facts on CC Cream



· CC cream (Color Control) is the latest miracle beauty product to hit the cosmetic market.

· CC cream is essentially a much-improved and refined BB cream

· BB creams combine skincare benefits while providing coverage and CC Cream is formulated to retain those benefits but with added nourishing ingredients for superior skincare.

· CC cream has been designed with special attention to providing much more effective skin coverage (you can even use it to substitute foundation) and its lighter texture gives a smoother, radiant yet non-oily/ (matte) finish.

Why is CC cream better than BB cream?


· Unlike BB cream, CC cream rocks a heavier, more cosmetic-like coverage that actually has a lighter texture. This results in a formula that is extremely easy to blend, yet offers a smooth and even-toned base that looks like a second (flawless) skin.

· CC cream does not give a greyish undertone unlike most Korean BB cream brands

· CC cream gives a matte finish whereas BB cream gives an oilier finish

· CC cream complements a wider range of skin tones.

· CC cream has 30-40% more skincare benefits than BB cream

· CC cream has a lighter texture and is easier to blend than BB cream

· CC cream also treats and covers uneven skin tones more effectively and after leaving on for a 2-3 minutes, blends with skin tone better than BB Creams that sometimes appear too light on certain skin tones.

· CC cream repairs on top of protecting and nourishing the skin

· Presence of Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) in CC cream stimulates collagen production in skin and speeds up skin regeneration

· CC cream gives a more natural radiant and dewy effect on the skin than BB cream

· According to a 2009 study published in the British Journal of Dermatology, daily use of CC cream helps to lighten discoloration after  6-8 weeks

· Based on clinical data, people can expect more even skin tone and may also see better skin texture in CC cream than in BB cream

Are US BB cream brands just as effective as Korean BB cream brands?

US BB cream brands were criticized by beauty experts for being nothing more than advanced tinted moisturizers. They do not provide the same healing properties and skin regeneration effects as Korean brands.

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